Aug 15 • 15M

Episode 2: Azure OpenAI Content Filtering and Abuse Monitoring with Microsoft Sentinel

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Rod Trent
Welcome everyone to the After the Blog podcast! You're probably familiar with TV shows like the Curse of Oak Island or Deadliest Catch that have "digging deeper" or "after the catch" episodes that take the audience into the efforts behind each episode to give extra nuggets of clarity. This podcast is exactly that. In each episode, hear about the ideas and circumstances that drove the topic. Most of the time I'll go it alone. But don't be surprised if a guest or two show up because they helped influence the topic. Let's have fun and learn something!
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Thanks so much to my guest for this episode for his expertise, Richard “Disney” Diver.

Answered in this episode:

  1. Just because it can, should Microsoft Sentinel be used for anything other than security purposes?

  2. Is Content Filtering and Abuse Monitoring for AI considered part of cybersecurity?

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