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Episode 7: Twas the Night Before KQL

Episode 7: Twas the Night Before KQL

Happy querying to all, and to all a good night!

Welcome back everyone! Thank you so much for listening in to this podcast. Thank you for all the listeners who have found it and have come back again and again.

This is my last podcast for 2023. So, I trust your holiday season will be happy, healthy, and safe.

Show Notes/Links:

HASMUG event:

The Microsoft AI Tour:

Prepare for Microsoft Security Copilot:

Must Learn KQL:

KQL Christmas Merch - All proceeds go to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.

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After the Blog Podcast
Welcome everyone to the After the Blog podcast!
You're probably familiar with TV shows like the Curse of Oak Island or Deadliest Catch that have "digging deeper" or "after the catch" episodes that take the audience into the efforts behind each episode to give extra nuggets of clarity. This podcast is exactly that.
In each episode, hear about the ideas and circumstances that drove the topic. Most of the time I'll go it alone. But don't be surprised if a guest or two show up because they helped influence the topic.
Let's have fun and learn something!