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Welcome! This is Rod Trent’s blog on Substack.

I am a Senior Program Manager at Microsoft focused on Security and AI. While the content on this site sometimes leads to official Microsoft documentation, this site is not an official Microsoft site. I sometimes use this site to “beta” content that will eventually make it into Microsoft documentation in one form or another, so your feedback is highly prized. Please use the commenting features here on this site or connect with me over LinkedIn or X (formerly Twitter), to supply your feedback. All feedback is considered important.

That said, everything here on my site will always be free. However, you may notice from time-to-time that some content is released with a paywall. The paywall is only temporary.

There are actual paid supporters for the content of this site. Over the last year, the number of paid supporters has grown significantly - to the point where I feel I need to do something special for them to show my appreciation. So, to show my appreciation to the growing group of supporters, some content will be initially paywalled, but will also be scheduled to release about a week after the initial release free for everyone.

So, it’s like when a movie releases digitally. Yes, one of your subscribed streaming services will eventually include the movie so you can watch it under your existing subscription. But, if the movie is really good, and you’ve been waiting for the digital version to release, you can choose to own it or rent it and get access right away. That’s the same concept I’m applying here.

There are some extra benefits to being a content supporter:

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You can also become a paid supporter from being compensated through content referrals. I have a referral program setup to allow readers to get subscriber access. Read about that here: Invite your friends to read Rod’s Blog

Thanks so much to the supporters! I appreciate all of you and I hope I can continue to live up to your idea of applicable and quality content. As with everything I do where there’s a “cost” to it, proceeds go to support St. Jude Children’s Hospital.


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Microsoft Security and AI. This is not an official Microsoft blog.


Rod Trent is a Senior Program Manager for Microsoft. He has spoken many times at many conferences over the past 30-some years and has written several books and hundreds of articles.